Saturday, 23 July 2016


Due to pure curiosity, I ordered 3 of these Avon lipsticks. I was never really a fan of Avon but I was intrigued to try these matte lipsticks...

These lipsticks are on sale from £8 to £5.50 and you can buy them here.

As almost a third of the price of a MAC lipstick, these claim to be "more matte than MAC'. First I tested these on their own, but when I saw the results, I didn't even think about swatching these next to my MAC matte lipstick because it was clear that these are no way near as matte as MAC!

^ Left to Right: Marvellous Mocha, Absolute Coral, Posh Petal

^ Left to Right: Posh Petal, Absolute Coral, Marvellous Mocha

These lipsticks are very creamy during application and they are very pigmented for their price. However, they do not last very long and tend to wear off quickly when you eat/drink which is inconvenient. When applied, they have a slight sheen and you would expect it to go matte but disappointingly it doesn't.

Shade range
On the website the shade range for these lipsticks looks incredible and very similar to some popular high end shades. It is unfortunate that the shades don't match the corresponding ones on the website which is also very inconvenient if you're looking for shade dupes for trails. If you do find a good shade that would be an alternative to high end lipsticks, the price of these lipsticks is conventient for trying out if you like the shade before you spend a lot of money on a high end one.

Is it worth it?
Personally, I won't be purchasing more of these lipsticks and i'd recommend spending a bit more on a higher end lipstick for instance MAC, or there are plenty dupes in the drugstore like the Rimmel lipsticks that are closely compared to good quality ones.


Absolute coral is an orange toned red which is great for summer. This lipstick shade doesn't match with the colour on the website which is more of a brown toned orange. I think this lipstick would look good on a lot of skin tones due to the red undertones.

Marvellous Mocha is the most successful shade out of the 3 that I have. It also corresponds to the colour on the website the most. It is a shade that would be a dupe for many lipsticks since it's a very pretty browny nude shade. 

Posh Petal is a very baby pink shade that would only suit the most fairest skin tones. The colour on the website looks very lilac and mauve when really it is straight up pink. Do not purchase this if you have darker skin tones because this can be closely compared to a pink undertone concealer.

Let me know what you think of these lipsticks if you own one..


Sunday, 10 July 2016


Hello! It's been a while since I've written a blog post - I've lost the plot and creativity but now summer is coming up and I have one too many posts & products to share with you..

Here are a few of my beach/holiday essentials which should be in your beach bag!

I think we all know that The Body Shop is the best with their seasonal ranges.. Now that it's summer, we have a Fijian Water Lotus range which smells of breezy fresh goodness. Trust me, go smell it. 
This is a Body Cream rather than a Body Butter which means it's much lighter and thinner so it absorbs very fast therefore you won't have that sticky moisturiser can't-touch-anything feel. The range also includes fragrance mists, shower gel, eau de toilette, and lotion - all you could ask for.

Usually, no one likes wearing a full face of make up during the summer. This product is perfect to just swipe on for a little bit of natural coverage if you're going out in the evening and you don't want the hassle with foundation etc. It also isn't heavy or thick looking which is good.

If you have oily spot prone skin and you want to protect your face from the sun at a reasonable price, stop right here and purchase this in your local Boots. The consistency of this sun cream is really thin and white, when applied it absorbs very quickly. It doesn't make me less or more oily than I already am, it also doesn't break me out at all unlike a usual thick sun cream would. Can I also mention that this is water resistant? Amazing.

So for the days when you wear makeup, this product will help your makeup stay on and look good all day. It also removes any powder residue in your makeup for a flawless finish. It is also oil free so it's perfect if you have oily skin.

I made a post talking about the Coconut Infusion Nail Paints which you can read here. I really liked those and I thought I'd try the original range. I picked up a similar shade to "skinny dip" since I really like natural nude shades for nails. Both ranges are perfect for summer with the different range of shades at a small price.

I have been subscribed to this box since mid May and I loved every box from them. These are simply little boxes of joy. You can pick out what you like, dislike, want to try, and what you'd like them to send you in the next box. My favourite snacks have been: The Graze Brownie, Brilliant Banana Bread with Dates and Hazelnuts, Original Fruity Flapjack and last but not least the Herby Bread Basket. I highly recommend this subscription! They also give a lot of offers and free boxes when you sign up!

Recently I purchased 3 months of Spotify Premium for 99p which was the best decision ever! And I know I will carry on my subscription with the full price after it ends. It just feels amazing to be able to click any song you want without ads and shuffling the playlist! 

Here are my Top 10 Summer Upbeat songs which you probably never heard of.. 

1. Don't Need Your Love by Lucas Nord
2. U Know by Fossa Beats
3. Borderline (Vanic Remix) by Tove Styrke
4. 3 Strikes by Terror Jr
5. Indian Summer by Jai Wolf
6. Gold by Kiiara
7. I'm In Control by Aluna George, Popcaan
8. Able to See Me by Hippie Sabotage
9. Stay by Kygo, Maty Noyes
10. Never Be Like You by Flume

Let me know what your favourite Summer Vibe songs are. I'd love any recommendations!


I'd like to recommend a brand that retails things like swimwear and sleepwear. They have every style, colour or shape of swimwear that you would ever want! I've had a long browse through their lovely swimming costumes and I'd love to let you know about it too! If you click HERE you will be redirected to their shop and HERE to their Instagram page! Let me know what you think of their gorgeous items!


Natalia x

 Here are just a few more 'artsy' close up s
hots of products mentioned in this post :)

Saturday, 28 May 2016


We all want our eyebrows to be perfectly neat and our eyelashes to be fluttery and curled. Reality is, you don't always have time to fill in your eyebrows fully or put mascara on neatly without smudging it. That's why i picked up two things from Boots that will come in handy to conquer those problems and will obviously share this with you now. 

I was always a Benefit Gimme Brow girl and repurchased that two times as if it was incredible - but it wasn't. I know that now after finding this product i will never go back! This product is a dupe for that brow gel for a fraction of the price. I will make a separate blog post comparing both of these products don't worry. I have so many positive reasons as to why i love this so much. Firstly, it keeps your brows in place - i mean, i wish it was waterproof but it definitely doesn't come off easily in water. While it keeps your brows in place, it doesn't feel too hard or so that you can literally feel your brows on your face stuck on like glue. 

It also has a very small wand which helps to be precise with your brows. Although, it doesn't have the smallest brush ever which means you can get the job done fast. This also contains little fibres so it gives volume to your brows - yay.

I have a love hate relationship with this product although i like the concept and process of it. Let's say don't expect your lashes to be like a 'jet black freshly applied mascara' lashes, because they won't. So for the first time you do this, you will have faint definition (i have dark blonde top lashes and very light bottom lashes, so different lashes may have different results). I re applied this product every week for about 3 times and i finally got a shade that i was satisfied with. Although its still not mascara black, it does the trick to some extent - it's better than having no mascara and almost invisible lashes right - and also, its permanent. Try it out for yourself and let me know how you like it.

natalia x


Monday, 16 May 2016


I was always very hesitant with all Barry M nail polishes due to their extremely thin application brush and I could just imagine the amount of times you'd have to apply it to cover the whole nail. I was exited when I saw the new and improved range on the displays - the cardboard display in boots is so cute and eye catching. I would've never came across these nail polishes if it wasn't for the display.

The brush is thick enough to cover your pinky nail with one swipe - no joke, you can paint your nails in about 3 minutes. Let me mention that you can totally leave your nails at one semi thick coat because this is very opaque already. I would say two coats are the maximum to get a fully opaque colour. There are no streaks when applying which is good if you don't have time to go over again and again with the nail polish.

These nail polishes can peel off on one go if you do 2+ coats because it's thicker and for some reason it's just more prone to it. If you apply one coat and a top coat, it will last much longer. I think that 1 week would be the average of how long it will go without major chips. 

Colour Range
The colour range is beautiful and it's quite hard not to buy all 9 shades at once. They are all very summer and holiday themed colours which I love. They also have 4 shades of nude which from light to dark are: Skinny Dip, Sunkissed, Starfish, Tiki Hut. This is great is you like to create ombre nail art with your nails and also it's a variety for all skin tones. I have two of these because I love how neutral nails look. 

They are 4.99/each but are always on offer in Boots.

My rating

Skinny Dip




Monday, 9 May 2016


It's been a while since I bought any makeup - or anything to be totally honest. So one day I stumbled across a Space NK just to get a restock of the Nars concealer and come back with an extra makeup tool. I also signed up for their rewards card which is cool.

If you want to read a full detailed review on this concealer click here. Shade: Light1 Chantilly.
Long story short, favourite concealer and an upgrade from my old favourite Collection Lasting Perfection concealer. (I want to do a post comparing both of these concealers so let me know if you'd like to see that). I love how this concealer brightens under my eyes and blends seamlessly, it's quite a thick texture but not too thick so it doesn't look cakey and textured at all (well to an extent, if you put loads of layers on then obviously..).

...And I also got the original Beauty Blender. This has changed my makeup game if i say so myself. The £18 i paid for this is totally worth it I'm telling you. It's the most softest and squishy beauty blender ever. You can use this damp or dry, it works amazingly both ways it's just up to personal preferences. I always do dry application and occasionally I will use it damp. The pointy tip on this beauty blender eases the blending of concealer around the eyes without poking your eyes out - we've all been there. 

I would say that this is the most successful yet the most smallest purchase I've made in a while. These are my ultimate favourites as for now!

Natalia x
Also could i say, thank you for 70+ followers over on Bloglovin'. I literally remember having 50 in what feels like a week ago??

Sunday, 1 May 2016


Today's post is another photography one yay. This is my most recent shoot with my friend (all of the photos are taken of her: @oliviawnu.k)

natalia x